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Patsy & Julian

"My husband and I got married twice. The first time we had our Covid ceremony – with 245 less guests than we had planned for. It was a perfect day, and due to the last-minute changes we needed to make in order to keep it small and safe, we (and our incredible family/bridal party) did just about everything ourselves. It was a true DIY wedding. Learning from that exhausting experience, we knew we needed some help with a day of coordinator or planner for our “originally planned” aka postponed huge wedding celebration. I was resistant to the idea, because while doing our research the cost of a decorator, planner, coordinator, just felt overwhelming to me. 


Their outcomes were flawless, but I just had a hard time accepting that I needed that service. Fast forward to now, 2 weeks after our “round 2 wedding” and I must say, signing Ashley and her team on for our wedding, was the absolute best decision we made. Ashley came highly recommended by two of my friends, who were also “covid-brides” and they had nothing but amazing reviews of her services. Despite this, I was still resistant, because I just did not want to spend another dollar. Our budget was extremely tight. My God, am I happy I was wrong. SHE. WAS. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. Ashley exceeded our expectations at every single task. She offered to meet with us as many times as needed to help us plan our timeline, problem solve issues before they existed, walk through decisions and talk about alternatives should something unexpected arise. She offered honestly more than we had time to accept – which I so appreciated, because she was readily available all of the time. She was kind, professional, personable, and just a love to work with. I was a pretty burnt-out bride towards the end (hello decision fatigue), and she helped me (using her social work degree lol) to process decisions and stay positive. At the rehearsal dinner, she and her husband helped us set up our space. She was early. She was thorough. She was amazing. She ran through our ceremony several times. On the day of our wedding, she and her team set up tables for 250 guests. She set up table cards. She set up centerpieces. She set up 80+ benches in an open field behind the venue space. She checked in with me quietly, to make sure I had everything I needed. Here are some of the fun outside of the box things that she and her team did to save our day: Her teammate left our venue, drove 15 minutes to a local restaurant and picked up 6 gluten free meals as some of my guests have SEVERE intolerances. I felt weird asking someone to do that, and she accepted the challenge NO QUESTIONS ASKED. After the ceremony we were so exhausted, I turned to her and asked if the person who left to pick up the food had returned yet – when she said they were on their way – I awkwardly asked if there was any chance they could drive through dunkies for me, my MOH and my husband. She giggled and wrote down our orders. I literally had a large iced coffee during the best man and MOH speeches. And THANK GOD for that, cuz then I was on the dance floor all night. She had drinks ready for my husband and I as we did our photos. Her husband worked with the DJ to make sure we could set up a projector for a quick video of our ceremony last year. She triaged the 5 million things behind the scenes that were happening, that I had no idea about, and sent me an email the next morning letting me know who I needed to follow up with, and who I needed to request meetings with, as some serious stuff happened without my knowledge. And isn’t that just beautiful, without my knowledge. She Olivia Pope’d it. Consider it HANDLED. As people came up to me with questions, my favorite response was “Please see Ashley. She will know what to do.” Because we met so many times before the wedding, she was confident making game time decisions without my approval. If there was something we had not talked about, she checked in with my sister, to make sure I would approve of a change she had to creatively and quietly make, so as not to bother me with any added stress. She took a million photos of the transformation of our wedding venue. And a million photos of us throughout the night, so we could have photos while we wait for our photographer to process everything. And then, at the end of the night, she and her team, broke down everything. They packed everything up neatly for us to pick up the next day. After the last dance, I literally had to square up with the bar, and then got to walk away, board my bus, and head to the after party. Do you know how amazing that felt? Walking away, knowing confidently that everything was going to be taken care of? It was glorious. Ashley and her team worked their tails off. If you are questioning at all if you need a day of coordinator, question no further, hire Ashley. You will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Ashley and team – you guys were outstanding."

Ivy & David

"Where do I begin about Ashley? From the first moment her and I spoke, I knew she would be the best planner. She proved from the beginning that she goes above and beyond for her brides. Ashley was there for me every single step of the way. She answered my questions, no matter how big or how small, and always made me feel comfortable with the decisions I was making. To top it off, I am one of the very lucky COVID brides, and although neither of us had the best answers in these unprecedented times, Ashley always, always calmed my nerves and reassured me that the day would be perfect. Ashley met with me numerous times (and continually let me know that we could meet as many times as I wanted). The days leading up to the wedding, a tropical storm was in sight, and again, Ashley reassured me that, although we might need to change plans last minute we were going to "rock this storm". Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, but Ashley was prepared either way. Ashley and her husband Nate set up my wedding exactly how I wanted, and any last minute changes were communicated to me so I was aware. Ashley and Nate constantly asked me and my husband if we needed anything (water, food, etc). I didn't have to think at all on my day, Ashley handled all of the stress and the day flowed so perfectly. I even noticed at one point that my floral garland had fallen behind the fence, and without me even saying anything, Nate was already fixing it. An absolute dream come true because of Ashley and her team. Ashley sent me tons of photos after the wedding for me to look at while we waited for professional ones, and they all looked so great! I could go on for days, but I hope you get the point about how amazing she is. Ashley is the best planner out there, she is efficient, caring, and goes the extra mile for her couples. I would 1000% recommend Ashley to all couples. If you are looking for a caring, accommodating, friendly, and incredibly detailed oriented wedding planner, look no further. I am so grateful I chose Ashley for my big day, because she was more than a planner to me, she has become a lifelong friend! Love you Ashley! Thank you for everything!"

Jamie & Nick

Bride's Review: "How do you write a review that is good enough for someone who single handedly made your wedding day truly the best day of your life? That’s a really tough task to do to get in everything you are thankful for and grateful for… and keep it shorter than a college entrance essay. I’ll try. I quite literally can’t say enough amazing things about Ashley and her team at Perfectly Peters Planning. For starters, I was nervous about the amount of energy and time I would have to plan my wedding in one year given that I was undergoing treatments for stage 4 cancer. Someone was looking out for me when I was referred to Ashley. She was the first person I had a call with when I inquired about a wedding planner and to be honest… even though my mom told me to shop around because that is the smart thing to do… I didn’t. I felt an instant connection with Ashley and knew immediately she was the right person for the task. Ashley is kind, but direct (let’s be honest that’s what every bride needs). She understood completely what I was facing in my personal life and that I would need to lean on her maybe more than most. Throughout the planning process whenever I was anxious or stressed, just a quick call with Ashley put me at ease. Ashley became my safe person and safe space for my wedding. If I was anxious she was able to keep me calm and not overwhelmed. All while thinking of me constantly like the random text I got saying “Just wanted to let you know the price of stamps is going up, so I recommend getting your stamps before they do to save money in any little way possible.” I mean really? She didn’t have to do that. The point is - she cares. AND she is amazing at what she does. She asks questions you would never know to think of - which was super important to me because I didn’t know what I didn’t know… well trust me - she knows! My wedding was at a brand new venue that had never held a wedding before and she absolutely made sure everything was flawless. When I overheard someone say my fiancé got chocolate on his tux hours before the wedding and I asked her she said “what are you talking about? Everything’s fine.” She knew it would be taken care of (which it was) and didn’t want me to be bothered. I think any bride and groom would be beyond lucky to have Ashley as their wedding planner. I will never stop recommending her. My now husband and I love her so much that the day after the wedding (we got her a hotel room at our hotel because she was my security blanket and I needed her nearby) we gave our hugs and said goodbye… then immediately looked at each other and said “we need to be friends with her outside of this wedding.” Long, long story short - Ashley goes above and beyond for you. She cares about your special day and will go to the ends of the earth to make it happen… no matter what. In fact! The night of the rehearsal dinner we were at a bar at the hotel restaurant and there was a mega thunderstorm. I left my groom and all of our friends at the bar to be with my dog upstairs in my hotel room because I knew he was frightened. I texted Ashley to let her know I was going to bed and why I was there and she instantly offered to snuggle my dog for me so I could go back and have fun. There are no limits to her kindness. There is nobody better out there to be by your side as a friend and as a wedding planner (and a super support team) than Ashley.

Groom's Review: I can’t speak highly enough about Ashley. She honestly made our day perfect from start to finish. My wife and I had constant contact with her and she was very knowledgeable about all of the ins and outs throughout the entire process. On the day of the wedding, she went out of her way to make sure we felt secure about all of the smallest of details. She even went with me to the venue first thing the morning of the wedding to make sure I was confident in the layout and and schedule. My  wife and I truly hit the lottery. Ashley is so helpful, attentive, and meticulous. For a new venue that had not had a wedding yet, Ashley put on a show. I highly recommend her. The morning after the wedding my wife and I vowed to be friends with her for life. She truly made us feel special and important. She is a force to be reckoned with in the best way possible.

Jillian & Nick

"If there is any advice that I can give those planning their wedding, it's this: 1. If you are wondering if you need a wedding planner/coordinator... Yes, you absolutely do! 2. Ashley and her team are the absolute best, most professional, and ONLY choice for your big day. Hiring Ashley and her team was easily the best decision we made for our wedding. Planning a "backyard" style wedding for nearly 200 people is no small task and Ashley was there with me throughout the entire process making sure that no detail was overlooked and I was remembering to breathe through the inevitably stressful times. Between phone calls, in-person meetings, late night texts, and everything in-between, Ashley really became my right hand through it all. Coordinating our MANY rentals, vendors, and details was just the start. Ashley and her team set up and decorated our entire ceremony and reception space, ensured that everything was running smoothly with our caterers and bartenders (thank God for this!!), and stayed to break down all of the tables, chairs, and linens. She even dedicated one person on her team to FaceTime with my sister-in-law who had to unexpectedly miss the wedding and was completely devastated to not be there. Because of Ashley, she was still able to take part in the special moments and that meant the world to us. On the day of the wedding, I was actually able to relax, enjoy myself, and feel completely reassured that everything would go off without a hitch, all thanks to Ashley and her team. My husband and I received so many compliments on how efficient, professional, and incredible Ashley and her team were. She took every curveball and knocked it out of the park. Hiring Ashley will be the best, most worthwhile decision you will ever make for such an important day"

C  olleen & TJ

"Our wedding was this past Saturday and Ashley and her team went above and beyond throughout the entire process! From helping me with planning with multiple meetings throughout the year, to coming up to NH the night before to go through the way we wanted for set up and running the entire rehearsal - she kept us calm and had a smile the entire time! The actual wedding day and night is when they truly amazed me. We had an outdoor DIY wedding and the one thing we didn't want, we got, rain! Ashley and her team were calm and let us make the call of outdoor vs under the tent for the actual ceremony. We ended up choosing outside since the showers were on and off, I looked outside before the ceremony -worried people would be sitting in wet seats and Ashley and her team were wiping down every seat and handing out ponchos to the guests! Under the reception tent fuses kept getting blown, Ashley was helping to get it back up and running and never let me worry about a thing. At one point a cord even almost caught fire!!! The bar company ran out of ice, Ashley and her team went out to the store and bought 800lbs of ice like it was no big thing!  All of this would have been a complete nightmare without Ashley - but EVERYTHING ran smoothly. I did not even know about all these issues until after the fact because it was just being taken care of by this team! They set up the entire reception space even more beautifully than I envisioned. I literally did not do one thing the day of the wedding except get ready because of Ashley. Despite all the little mishaps, the day was completely perfect and we know this is due to Ashley and her team being there running the entire show. I could go on and on, but I could not recommend someone more!!"


Erin & William

Katie & Chris
Review by Anne, the MOB

"Thank. God. We. Booked. Perfectly. Peters. Planning! We booked Ashley for our 8/27/22 wedding. I reached out to Ashley early in the wedding planning process as I was feeling overwhelmed. She is extremely responsive, responding almost immediately (unless she was attending a wedding!) She helped guide me through all stages of planning, talking me off the ledge more times than I can count. She is available as much as you need, scheduling phone calls to discuss any and all details. Ashley came to Providence to do a walk through of our venue, getting to know the space before the wedding day. She attended our rehearsal as well. Ashley is a huge advocate for her clients. She wants to do any and every thing to make sure the day goes smoothly. While the planning process was amazing with Ashley, the day of our wedding was when Ashley truly shined. She arrived to our venue early in the day with Dominique (who is also amazing!) She made sure everything went smoothly. Our timeline went according to schedule, even running a few minutes early which was SO helpful, as we had extra time to relax and decompress before the ceremony. Everyone tells you to prepare for your wedding day, as something will inevitably go wrong, so just go with the flow. I can honestly say not one single thing went wrong on the day of our wedding, and this was due to our amazing vendors, especially Ashley and Dominique. If anything started to get a little funky, they dealt with it without me knowing. They took care of everything. They were everything I was looking for when I searched for a planner! Actually, my husband was originally skeptical about spending the money and hiring a planner- why would we need one if there is a coordinator at the venue? He leaned over to me during dinner and said- "I'm glad you hired Ashley, she was worth every penny." We would hire her again and again! Her pricing is extremely reasonable. She is dedicated, involved, super funny, kind, and thoughtful. And I can say the same about Dominique as well! At one point, I couldn't even keep track of what Dominique was juggling- she had like 6 different things happening at once. Who knows, but SHE did. They are just honestly amazing. They worked SO well with our vendors. We had the best vendor team. Ashley, our photographer, and our videographer formed this 3 person dream team that saved our night. Do not hesitate to book Perfectly Peters Planning for your wedding day. You will not regret it. This decision will take so much stress away and help you have the best day of your life. We had the best day of ours thanks to Ashley and Dominque. 10/10, for real."

"I'm not exaggerating by saying that Ashley and her team at Perfectly Peters Planning, literally saved my daughter's wedding day. The wedding took place in September and was the third reception I had hosted for my girls in two years. I really felt very capable as we didn't use a planner for the other two weddings, although I had been toying with hiring someone because it is exhausting being the hostess as well as the person everyone comes to for questions. (I really don't recommend it) As the wedding date was approaching, I had some major problems.

My daughter selected a beautiful venue but we found out that the person in charge was very difficult to work with and the service they were to provide was virtually nonexistent. Things we were told we could do such as having a large tent with dinner and dancing on the lawn were now no longer allowed. We could have the dinner under a small tent without a floor, but no music outside because the neighbors didn't like it. An equally large problem we had was the caterer that was selected. We had loved her personality and the food at the tasting but she also changed what she said she could deliver. She would allow dancing outside but no dinner could be served in a tent! The facility wasn't large enough to do everything inside. We had two strong willed vendors who were completely at odds. I would also argue that the venue and the catering are amongst your most important vendors.

We were exhausted and at our wits end. That is when we were lucky enough to find Ashley at Perfectly Peters Planning. After my first conversation with Ashley the tension started to ease. Ashley is extremely professional and experienced. She definitely does her homework. With her large network of vendors she reached out to, she was able to learn more about these vendors and how to work with them. She was able to get a realistic picture of what they would provide for the reception and made sure to cover the many holes that would have existed.

My daughter and her husband had invited an unusually large number of children to an evening wedding. We were really concerned about how to entertain them. Ashley and her team helped to plan a playroom where the children could safely participate in activities and be delivered back to their parents as needed.

We did have some wonderful vendors, but aside from the venue manager and the caterer we also had trouble getting our transportation company to reply to us. This was crucial because we were providing transportation for potentially 150 guests between the hotel and the venue, Once again, Ashley was successful! She also stayed in contact with the driver throughout the evening so guests could come and go as they chose.

Another thing they did beautifully was to set up our decor and to break it down in record time right after the wedding. They were on top of everything!

I really could go on and on about our good fortune at finding and being lucky enough to book Perfectly Peters Planning but I have tried to highlight the most critical things she took care of for us. Many more things were done and I'm sure I don't even know what they all are because their team made things seamless.

If you are planning a wedding I strongly recommend you hire Ashley and her team. If I ever have to plan another wedding they will certainly be my first call!

Best of luck to all the brides and grooms!!"

Kat & Chase

Bride's Review - Ashley is the BEST of the absolute best. When I first started planning my wedding, I truly did not know where to begin. Living in California and planning a Newport, RI wedding was not easy. I met one of Ashley’s previous couples randomly at a wedding we were attending and this couple told us we NEEDED to hire Ashley - and they were SO right! I immediately contacted Perfectly Peters Planning to see if they had our date available! Ashley was more than helpful and walked me through every last detail during the planning process right up to the day before the wedding. When I was in Massachusetts before my wedding, Ashley made sure to meet up with my twice to pick out our Rentals and for a final meeting! Not only is she amazing at what she does but she's a gem of a human being. I felt supported throughout the entire planning process and my wedding day. Some others things they handled- Ashley drove me to my first look and helped the photographer set up the moment, she took hundreds of pictures of my wedding day and sent them to me that evening so I would have pictures to share and post before receiving our professional ones, and made us a plate of donuts from our dessert bar to make sure we got some before they were all eaten! Ashley & Nate will go the extra mile to make sure you have exactly what you need- we would be lost without her. Hiring Ashley & Nate for our wedding day was the best decision we made - Thank you for everything. Ashley and Nate are the true stars of the show!

Groom's Review - Would highly recommend hiring Perfectly Peters Planning! Our wedding was in Newport, RI and we are a couple living in California. Planning a wedding is stressful enough but planning one across the country was a lot more than we expected! Ashley and Nate took every challenge and idea we threw at them and made it all happen! On the wedding day, Nate came to check on the groomsmen and I to make sure we were all set and helped us go over everything we needed to know. He kept us focused and made sure we had everything we needed. Ashley and Nate were cool, calm and collected all day and that made me feel like I had nothing to worry about. From making sure our dog was getting attention while he was there, to bringing us drinks throughout the night - we couldn’t have asked for more. We are so happy that we found them and our day couldn’t have been better!

Kaylee & Anthony

Bride's Review: Where do I even begin?! I met Ashley when I was about 10 maybe? My mom even went to her wedding. Fun fact, it was the same place me and my husband chose! Ashley and Nate were so happy for us from the jump when we started the process two years ago, and even more so that they could reminisce on their wedding night! I’m so happy we were able to help you two get all in your feels about your wedding 

She has been more than helpful, exceeding any expectation we may have had. She has answered me very quickly, and had an answer for any question I may have had. She makes sure she can fit into your schedules for meetings, phone calls, or anything that may arise! She is so flexible, which is great with busy schedules. I can honestly say that the wedding planning process was a breeze and almost stress free due to Ashley!

Fast forward to the week before and of the wedding. I got very sick and was not able to do anything that week and a half. She spoke to my vendors, and she came up with an alternative to everything and anything in case I wasn’t up for something. She made sure the whole day that I was feeling good and made sure I took breaks when needed. She really cares about her couples, and sees them as friends, not customers. Making you feel so welcomed and supported through your whole journey.

Ashley and Nate made sure all my decorations, ideas, and dreams came true the day and night of the wedding. They even catered to us and our needs throughout the evening. Making sure we didn’t wait in lines for drinks, and gathered up certain people for photo ops. Ashley and Nate made our wedding night a dream come true. She took pictures, photos, and even made a short video of our wedding night so we have pictures to look at the following days while waiting for our professional photos to be ready.

I couldn’t have imagined a more smooth and enjoyable wedding day and night. I am so grateful we chose Ashley to help us celebrate this whole adventure. I can’t say enough how amazing Ashley and her team is. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her, honestly! We love you Ashley and are so happy with the outcome of our biggest adventure so far!

Groom's Review: I don’t even know word to describe how phenomenal Ashley has been through the whole Planning process. Ashley was amazing through everything! From 2 years prior to when we started all the way to even after the wedding was over. Every step of the way she’d check up on us, answer ANY questions we had, reassure us that we’re doing good or ahead of the game, and just simply talk about ideas if that’s what we needed. Leading up to the big day my now wife was sick and very down. Ashley stepped up even bigger to make things happen and work around things if need be the day of and boy was she ready to make our day just as special no matter what and she delivered. Let’s not forget Nate (Ashley’s husband), he was another key aspect to our special day! Didn’t let us do a damn thing and if we did… he told us to go enjoy our night.  I can’t seem to thank you both Ashley and Nate for handling all that you did and make our night just as perfect as we expected. Thank you so much for everything.

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